Well, here I am ... beginning a personal blog. I have started another blog, one associated with what I do for a living, but I found that a lot of what I wanted to post was "off-topic" ... such as, in support of my local animal shelter Lollypop Farm, I offered to post their featured pet of the week. Well, as much as this is an important post (at least in my opinion), it really has nothing to do with marketing. So, I am starting my personal blog, so I can post about things like pets and movies and other things I like, without having to find a marketing angle. :) I will eventually add an "About Me" or similar page, if you stumbled upon this blog and don't actually know me. But for now, I just needed to get this started, since I have a Pet of the Week post to get up. Hope you enjoy my thoughts, musings, and assorted other posts ... I do enjoy creating new connections, so please feel free to leave a comment or two (but no spam please).