Viva's Another Chance for Love aka My dog, Lucky (more formally known as Viva's Another Chance for Love), is a Jedi. Or at least has Jedi powers - most specifically, the Jedi Mind Trick. For those of you unfamiliar with this power, the Mind Trick allows the user to influence the thoughts of sentient creatures (most commonly using voice suggestions), to coerce agreement (see the Wookieepedia for more info). So, you may be asking, why do I think my dog is a Jedi? Well, I have witnessed this power in action many times. The most recent example was when I took Lucky camping for the first time a little over a week ago. There are 2 perfect examples from the trip. Some of my friends were sitting outside, eating fried turkey ... and Lucky was watching them from the window of the camper (yes, camper - my dog does not camp in a tent). He picked out the person with the kindest heart - my friend Nicole - and started watching her, focusing his power. As I walked back over, Nicole came over to me and practically begged me to let her share her turkey with Lucky ... she said she felt compelled to share it with him because he was watching her so intently. She didn't want to eat any more without giving him some. It made me laugh ... I knew what he had done. So even though I had already given him turkey earlier, I of course said yes. The second example was on the way home ... we had stopped at a McDonald's so Jonathan could take a bio break ... Before he went in, I specifically told him NOT to get Lucky anything (Lucky has a weakness for McD's french fries). Lucky had had enough people food for the weekend. As soon as J was out of sight in the restaurant, Lucky was back at the window (he could smell where we were of course). He started staring at the building - focused. I tried to distract him - even offering a dog treat - but he didn't budge. He just kept staring. And what did you know ... guess what Jonathan brought back to the camper? French fries of course ... and said he hadn't planned on getting anything but when he was in there, he felt compelled to get some. Sigh ... Lucky strikes again! Of course, I have known for years Lucky could do this - he tries on my all the time. However, I am capable of resisting, and usually tell him to knock it off. And besides, I think Yoda is a distant relative of Italian Greyhounds don't you? Yoda, a Jedi MasterIG - a Yoda decendent? Do you have a pet with a special ability? I'd love to hear about it.