I just thought I would take a moment to share a very important lesson Jonathan learned about building a costume using pepakura ... pepakura files are NOT one-size-fits-all! If you remember, the first piece he built, that fateful weekend in early September, was the helmet. When he finished building it out of paper that weekend, he of course tried it on to show it off to the rest of us ... and it fit perfectly. Like it was meant for him. Once we got home, he started with the upper body - the chest, the back & spine, and a piece called the brace (which goes inside the torso to help support it). After building all the parts separately, Jonathan decided he should fiberglass all the torso pieces as a unit, to make it easier to wear. Luckily, we decided he should model it for me before going out to fiberglass ... while the individual pieces all appeared to be the right size, getting it on and off once they were joined together was difficult and risked tearing it. He realized the brace/hole for the neck would need to be bigger, so he re-engineered the area and increased the space to get in-and-out of the torso. Of course, once you deviate from the file pattern, your creative and engineering skills have to come into play - adjustments need to be made without changing the overall look of the costume and how the parts fit together. [Note: you can size the pattern file too if you have the Pepakura Designer program and not just the viewer ... that will work for re-sizing the proportions of a piece overall but for this task, freestyle creativity is better.] Nowhere in the process was the need to try on pieces BEFORE fiberglassing more evident than the codpiece (or what I affectionately refer to as the paper diaper) ... in the case, a picture is worth a thousand words ... [caption id="attachment_222" align="aligncenter" width="240" caption="Iron Man codpiece - original build"]Iron Man codpiece - original build[/caption] As you can plainly see, this was not going to work ... and unlike the brace, this piece had to not only fit, but still work with all the adjoining pieces (abs, back, thighs, hip pods) which made it a little more challenging, especially with all the layers and angles on this piece. But with determination and creativity, here was the end result ... [caption id="attachment_223" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Iron Man front of codpiece - revised"]Iron Man front of codpiece - revised[/caption] [caption id="attachment_224" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Iron Man back of codpiece - revised"]Iron Man back of codpiece - revised[/caption]             So the moral of our story ... when the pieces are still paper, be sure to try them on both individually and as any grouping you plan to fiberglass together ... all before you mix up the first batch of fiberglass! :)